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Metal braces are a traditional and widely-used orthodontic treatment offered at Om Sai Dental & Implant Centre. These braces utilize small brackets connected by an arch wire to gradually guide the teeth into their desired position. Elastic bands are used to provide gentle pressure and aid in the alignment process.

Advantages of Metal Braces:

Smooth Teeth Movements: Metal braces are highly effective in achieving desired teeth movements. The combination of small brackets and archwires allows for precise control, ensuring optimal alignment and bite correction.

Improved Dental Hygiene: Metal braces promote better oral hygiene as they do not discolor or stain easily. Unlike other types of braces, patients can maintain good oral health by practicing regular brushing and flossing routines without any additional challenges.

Durability: Metal braces are composed of strong materials, ensuring durability throughout the orthodontic journey. This makes them a reliable choice for patients who require long-term treatment to achieve their desired results.

Customizable Options: Patients have the benefit of customizing their metal braces with various colors. This adds a fun and personalized touch, allowing individuals to express their unique style and preferences during their orthodontic treatment.

Application of Metal Braces:

Our experienced orthodontists at Om Sai Dental & Implant Centre use a simple and detailed process to place metal braces. Firstly, the teeth are prepared by drying them, followed by the application of orthodontic glue and cement to the center of each tooth. The brackets are then carefully placed on the teeth and allowed to solidify. Once solidification occurs, arch wires are attached to guide the teeth into alignment.

At Om Sai Dental & Implant Centre, we believe that a beautiful smile should be accessible to everyone. Our skilled orthodontists ensure precise and personalized treatment using metal braces to help you achieve the smile you desire.