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Restore your tooth’s functionality and appearance with our effective post and core procedure at Om Sai Dental & Implant Centre. Post and core is a restorative dental process often performed after a significant portion of a tooth’s structure, such as during a root canal procedure, has been removed.

During a root canal treatment, the pulp-filled cavity of the tooth, which includes blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue, is removed. In some cases, there may not be enough remaining intact tooth structure to support a dental crown and maintain the tooth’s natural function. This is where post and core come into play, as it helps to anchor the dental crown and rebuild the missing portions of the tooth.

There are two types of post and core procedures:

Prefabricated post and core: This type of post and core involves using a pre-built unit for restoration.

Cast post and core: In this method, a custom-designed, one-piece unit is created at a dental laboratory using various materials.

The choice between prefabricated and cast post and core will depend on the specific condition of your tooth, and our experienced dental surgeon will recommend the most suitable option for you.

At Om Sai Dental & Implant Centre, we prioritize patient comfort and use advanced techniques to ensure a successful post and core procedure. Our team of skilled dentists will assess your tooth’s condition and customize the treatment plan to restore your tooth’s functionality and appearance effectively.